Whiplash: Joi Ito's nine principles of the Media Lab in book form

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I first started writing about the remarkable Joi Ito in 2002, and over the decade and a half since, I’ve marvelled at his polymath abilities – running international Creative Commons, starting and investing in remarkable tech businesses, getting Timothy Leary’s ashes shot into space, backing Mondo 2000, using a sprawling Warcraft raiding guild to experiment with leadership and team structures, and now, running MIT’s storied Media Lab – and I’ve watched with excitement as he’s distilled his seemingly impossible-to-characterize approach to life in a set of 9 compact principles, which he and Jeff Howe have turned into Whiplash, a voraciously readable, extremely exciting, and eminently sensible book.

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By pure coincidence I was just today thinking of Joi and people I met through him. Neither he nor they are in Tokyo any more but I hope everyone is happy.

Unfortunately this book seems to have no Kindle edition available but it is available from Apple’s iTunes store. Looking forward to reading this and hopefully someday I’ll run into Joi again.

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