White House plan to use data to shrink prison populations could be a racist dumpster fire

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could be a racist dumpster fire

The writing is starting to improve around here.


We all know how these “pilot programs” end…


I would be interested to see how much of the difference in prison populations between the US and other countries comes from more people being sent to prison, and how much comes from longer sentences.


Should be pretty simple. Stop imprisoning and release any one in prison currently for non-violent and non-fraudulent but illegal commercial activities.

“something special about America turns people into criminals.”

post-Reconstruction racism.


Maybe it’s about reform. Or maybe the powers that be have finally realized that the state is bleeding money on slave labour that never really pays enough into public coffers.


Here’s an idea: have an AI identify the most dangerous 40%, and release them. See if there’s any spike in crime.

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It’s time to stop disenfranchising Americans who have served time.

The voting ban disproportionately affects black and other minority groups. This causes unrepresentative governments to be elected because so many minorities lose their ability to vote.

If somebody has served their time, it is wrong to punish them further.


I was thinking about how this shitty headline could be interpreted:

  • The White House plan could be a literal dumpster fire. Doesnt sound like it would do much to reduce prison populations…
  • The White House has developed a shrink ray so the population of prisoners can be miniaturized
  • Dumpster fires are somehow racist in nature. I’m sure there is academic somewhere who has written a doctoral thesis on just this.
  • There is data that the White House dumpster is racist and so a plan has been developed to set it on fire to eliminate racism
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Voting bans aren’t universal. Many states only disenfranchise persons that are incarcerated or on probation, and some don’t disenfranchise at all.

I’m not totally against disenfranchising those who are in prison but excluding someone after they have completed their sentence is just shitty (but not unconstitutional according to the scotus).


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