White House plans to crack down on legal recreational pot


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Oh look, a Republican who actually doesn’t give a shit about “States’ Rights” unless it’s the right to discriminate against oppressed minorities. Knock me over with a feather.


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Yeh, but ketchup on pizza? Seriously??


Not always. There’s BBQ or HP sauce too.

Hmm. Never occurred to me to try mustard on pizza. I wonder why. I mean, that yellow stuff should work. Next time I get a pizza in, I’ll have to give that a go.




#the Spice must flow.


Could be worse, I guess:

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Well, would it bring us back on topic if it’s acknowledged that smoking pot can cause “the munchies,” thereby creating a strong focus on food? :wink:

Yet another case of so-called “small government” that wants to micro-manage every aspect of our lives. I don’t approve. It’s damn hypocritical of them to cry “state’s rights” on one hand and turn around and deny what those states have voted to allow. But then, hypocrisy is S.O.P. for this administration, so I’m not exactly shocked.


I don’t know if hypocrisy is right. This is like a level up (or rather down) from that. They’re not even pretending to be consistent about things.


Yeah, well the feds can go pound sand.

The war on drugs is just a “polite name” for the republicans’ real “war on niggers and spics who will steal our women.” and it always was. Just look up Anslinger.


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There is, of course, only one possible answer to that.


Actually, I applaud the effort and production values they put into it.

Also, I find the translation interesting. The Klingon lexicon is pretty small.


Maybe, just maybe, the libertarian kiddies who’ve given Trump a pass so far will get angry that their newly legalized pot is going to be taken away. I hope.