Obama administratrion permits states to manage marijuana


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This administration sure knows how to keep me from forming a simple good/bad opinion about them. Most intense love/hate I have ever felt for any administration


It’s a trap!


If I was American I’d be incredibly cautious around setting up any sort of marijuana distribution business. Note that this is the current administration’s policy, it’s not law. The next administration, or the one after that, is perfectly free to start doing federal drug enforcement raids under the current system again. The fact that you’ve been peacefully running your community grow-op in accordance to state law for a decade or two won’t matter.



It’s all well and good that the current administration is de-escalating somewhat. Definitely a welcome step in the right direction. But what really has to happen is the Federal laws themselves need to change. And law enforcement agencies like the DEA and the FBI need to be commanded by new laws to back off and focus their efforts elsewhere.


Won’t prevent you from getting arrested, but might help you in a jury trial. The appearance of respectability is a pretty big deal, and if you can successfully portray yourself as a legitimate small business owner, job creator, major campaign contributor, then that will be a big deal.

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I don’t trust this one bit. DEA has already raided Seattle Medical Pot dispenseries in the last couple months, after Obama said he’d be hands off the first time.


It sucks how the paranoia is so prevalent, smoking or not.

The first time? More like the second or third, by my memory.

“…in exercising prosecutorial discretion, prosecutors should not consider the size or commercial nature of a marijuana operation alone as a proxy for assessing whether marijuana trafficking implicates the Department’s enforcement priorities listed above.”

That’s great. Now is the perfect opportunity to commute the sentences of the dispensary owners who are in jail or on probation not for violating state law, but because the Justice Dept. didn’t like “the size or commercial nature of a marijuana operation.”

Even though no two term president besides Washington has pardoned or commuted the sentences of fewer inmates, I do hope the President is willing to act decently on this issue. I will be pleasantly surprised, however, if he does, suddenly, decide to be decent.


It’s going to make for good tv one day.

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The love thing is you being fleeced by half-assed gestures like these. The hate thing is what they actually commit to doing. Have fun getting fleeced.


Yep. All they’re saying is a) They’re not going to mess with states in the courts, and b) They’re going to ‘focus their efforts’ on certain areas. Whole lot of weasel room. If a legal operation is ‘accidentally’ caught up in an investigation, it’s not like the Feds are going to say, “Our bad! Don’t worry, we’re not going to prosecute.”


You guys are harshing my buzz.


Whoop-de-fucking-do! Didn’t we hear something like this years ago? And what have we seen since then?


Yeah, this “permission” isn’t worth the air it was spoken into. Just look at poor Montana, where the federal prosecutor has gone on a one-man mission to put every legal pot business owner, and those who rent them space, in jail for as long as possible. The defendants all held up that paper where Holder promised them he wouldn’t prosecute as long as they complied with state law and the judge smirked and told them that a promise isn’t a law. So sorry, go to jail for decades now, thank you.

If we are to go by the Obama playbook, next week the DEA will raid the entire state of Colorado and jail anyone within 500 feet of a medical dispensary.


Fuck Obama. Reschedule it or fuck off. Do you think that marijuana is more harmful than Cocaine, Oxycodone, and Opium? No? Than fucking reschedule it. In fact, you can basically take half of the schedule 1 drugs list and drop it down to 4 and 5. It is a joke that psilocybin and marijuana are scheduled worse than oxycodone; it puts lie to the entire scheduling scheme, and Obama will do absolutely nothing about it.

Obama is worthless. “Better than Romney” is about the only thing I’ll grudgingly give him. He gives the exact bare minimum lip service to social liberty required to keep his base from rioting, and lip service is all that it is. He did shit on gay marriage other than ‘evolve’ to saying that “uh, I guess it is okay” when continuing to be vaguely against it was completely untenable politically. He didn’t fight to repeal DOMA, he just sat back and crossed his fingers in hopes that the Supreme Court would hand him an out, and hope that his base ignores the fact that part of DOMA is still in effect. He has been actively destructive to efforts to ramp down the drug war. A court had to overrule his attempts to prevent teens from having access to birth control. His “transparency” in government efforts make me miss Bush.

Obama has ripped the still beating heart out of the democratic party. The Republicans couldn’t have crushed the moral of democrats more thoroughly than what Obama has managed, even if they had unlimited resources. He has given fuck all to social issues, and he has done basically every single horrible thing that Bush did in terms of the war on terror and cranked it to 11. I am getting a big old 'murica hard on just thinking about mixing it up in Syria. That is going to turn out awesome.

Democrats are going to get slaughtered in 2016, and it will be Obama’s fault. Obama has made “hope” and “change” curse words. He has fucked the definition of “transparency” and “conversation” so hard that Newspeak from 1984 looks like the work of a dull child. It doesn’t matter what the Democratic candidate says, Democrats won’t believe them. That goes double and triple if the candidate is Hillary. The one and only hope that Democrats have for victory in 2016 is if the Republicans can’t get a handle on their American Taliban wing of the party and put someone utterly insane up, like Santorum. That might scare the Democrats out of their completely rational apathy. If the Republicans managed to put a Governor Romney (not candidate Romney) or basically anyone that can keep their asinine bigoted opinions quiet for a few moments, it will be in the bag for the Republicans.

This “announcement” is just a collection of worthless fucking words. They mean as much as any other words that spew forth from Obama’s lips, which is to say absolutely nothing. I am sick of words. Give me policy. That asshole used executive power to ramp up domestic spying. He is going to use executive power to drop bombs on Syria. How about he tries to do something with that power to make the world a better place, like rescheduling drugs into something that resembles sanity?

Fuck Obama. Seriously. Fuck. That. Guy.


edit: Edited to express more clearly how I really feel.


Saying nothing of value.

Most police forces already have rules deemphasizing individual use, as they are more interested in the dealers. The biggest problem comes from the Feds RAIDING State medicinal marijuana farms, which would count as Marijuana being grown on Public Land.

Also, none of the articles I’ve looked at actually mention what all 8 areas are, leaving a lot of room for bullshit.


Marijuana Tourism opportunities in Washington and Colorado abound!

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