White House report documents the "hidden fees" that pick America's pockets

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It will get worse under Drumpf.


Yep. I’m thinking too little, too late.


Yeah, why couldn’t Obama have done this 8 years ago?


Let’s not forget rental car companies. Hertz charged me more than double their quote when I rented in Europe a couple of years ago, all hidden fees. Sixth just hit me with $80 worth of unnecessary and un-asked for insurance on a two day rental, and when I complained, pointed to the fine print on the rental agreement when I picked up the car. Since I didn’t have an extra 20 minutes to read the massive document on site, they get to fleece me, even though I had already actively opted out at the time of my reservation.

I think the main reason they get away with it is because such a big proportion of renters are renting on business and just shrug and expense it. But it is really such a scam!


That insurance isn’t standard though, you need to actively accept it. If they asked you and you explicitly stated no, you deserve a great refund for the employee trying to defraud you.

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That’s why I constantly have my eyes open for shit to steal.


I used to get rental cars all the time with work. We had a corporate rate, prices agreed up front etc. The price they tried to charge never bore any relation to what they’d agreed before.

Worst case was a 6 week rental where they tried to charge me $3000 more than the quoted price. Easily fixed but they did it all the time. Relying on people just being on expenses and not payin attention, I guess.


Shh… You will ruin everything!


If you want to experience the WORST try canadian banking or cell phone plans!

For the same reason he has been saying there should be restrictions on the surveillance state he was happy to carry on unchecked: it’ll be falling into the wrong hands. The wrong, cheetos dust covered, hands.

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Have to be careful when renting in other countries as mandatory insurance laws can easily double or triple the cost of the car rental. While it’s easy to opt-out of CDW (collision damage waiver) in the US as most credit card programs cover you, the same is not true in other countries. It’s important to read up carefully BEFORE you rent anything.

We got scammed pretty good in Costa Rica last year. The online rental prices shown were super-cheap - $15-20/day but come to find out the government mandates very expensive insurance so ended up paying more than $600 for a 5 day rental.


Yes, so sad. I had high hopes for Obama, and he didn’t fulfill many of 'em. Of course, he faced a Capitol building filled with concrete for most of that time. But he could have rallied the troops, including the liberal troops who helped elect him, but were then ignored.


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