Who decided Corbyn was "unelectable"?

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The same people who decided Sanders was?


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Where’s the text?

The british voting public?


Who? All the editors who went to the same schools as all those Prime MInisters?

/ the bit would have been more effective, IMHO, if it had seemed that he was talking to the cameraman, rather than to the camera.





JK Rowling also believes he’s unelectable and has been using her twitter as a megaphone against him. Considering how many followers she has, especially among the younger generation…


Fuck her, Twitter, and her C S Lewis fanfic.


You can’t blame her for wanting a Labour Party fit for billionaires.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually that’s a bit unfair. I believe J K Rowling is really a pretty decent person who has had experience of struggling as a single mother. But a single mother with a grant to write a book. As I recall during the Blair years she was critical of Blairism. I just fear that enough money for enough time will affect anybody adversely. It would certainly affect me.
Anyway, isn’t it E Nesbit/Angela Brazil fanfic?


A fucking fantastic rant!


At this point in history the problem with Corbyn is not that he is unelectable.

The problem with Corbyn is that his Labour allies have decided that the way to become electable in England is by being anti EU and anti Freedom of Movement, putting back national before socialism. And that doesn’t tend to end pretty.

Never thought I would think this, but much of our hope in the future of my continent depends on the German centre right and one Mutti. Depressing.


If they cared, why didn’t they vote for Owen Smith?


What? Corbyn and almost the whole of the Labour party campaigned for the remain side in the referendum. I know the allegation of being “secretly pro-brexit” is often used by the pro-coup side, but there’s just no evidence for it at all.

Really? We’re going straight to Godwin, are we?


No idea where you are or what your political sources are, but the things that the Corbyn Labour Party are saying in re to Brexit and more specifically on immigration do not sound good to me and my fellow immigrants.

Corbyn calling to trigger Article 50 on day one… was disastrous. And to decide albeit democratically, not to debate Brexit at the conference (as has just happened) is mind boggling.

EDIT: As someone who considers herself a Socialist, and who actually was active in the nightmare which calls itself the Labour Party, my experience of the left has been very much that of an insular, narrow minded nationalistic movement. There is a reason why the Scottish and Welsh have and/ or are abandoning the LP.


I’ve seen the stupid shit from the Fabian society…


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Labour did big nothing in the Syrian refugee crises. And Jo Cox, one of the few Labour MPs with an explicit international outlook was slaughtered–difficult to describe any other way–for those outspoken views.

At this point when it comes to immigration and freedom of movement it is becoming more painful to listen to Labour then to the Tories. And that is saying something.


The British voting public has slightly more constituents than the labour party does, no? Being electable with the latter has little to do with being electable with the former. I don’t think Smith would’ve done much better either btw.


Yes, well, Merkel’s views on border control have destroyed her support in favour of the AfD, which is by all accounts a desperation vote against a mainstream too paralysed to act.

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Didn’t Corbyn first take over his seat from a Tory MP during the Thatcher years? Isn’t he prima facie electable?

Corbyn’s popularity among rank and file party members was never really in doubt, though this election solidifies that. The problematic issue is the split among Labour MPs. If he can’t get his colleagues to rally around him he will have trouble providing effective opposition, and if Labour looks toothless then they will have trouble picking up seats in the next General.