Who here uses RPGMaker?

Be it XP, VXAce, 2k4, or MV. Who uses this toolkit?

Personally I get why MV swapped to 48x48 tiles, but that basically broke tileset compatability and convention that all prior versions (that I am aware of) used, so very annoying.

On the other hand I’m having fun flaffing about. Just gotta keep focus so I actually get this starter project done. Figured I’d ask around see if anyone elsehas done anything of the sort.


Sounds interesting, what do you make with it? Whats your starter project?

I played around with RPG Maker 95 way back when.

i took a medium depth dive into reading about it after you posted this. I knew things like this were out there, but never chased one down to take a good long look. seems pretty cool, I know in my heyday (Final Fantasy II, anyone?) i would have been unhealthily obsessed. Mine would have been Robin Hood themed for sure. Seems like such a great avenue for expression if linear writing just isn’t enough, or DMing pencil/paper isn’t doing it (or you don’t have a group) and/or you’re a polymath who bores easily, and likes to jump from art to scripting to story and back again. I grew up thinking code was beyond me, so therefore also was video game creation. This seems like such a gentle entry into game design, but with all the fundamentals there (tiled graphic databases, scripting) it could’ve really broken that open.

also, yea, I second Boris, tell us more about your projects, if you don’t fear leakage/spoilage!

ETA: poking aroind in the network, it looks like there are a lot of games out there, do you have any favorites, or any reviewers/review sources you trust?


This is why I have interest. Well that and boredom and frustration at ‘nobody will pay my writing attention unless i scream and bellow and turn into a redfaced asshole nobody actually will want to be with.’ If nothing else it was on sale and a nice toolkit.

Also something i’d grown up with. There are far better options for generalist things, but RPGMaker has a nice niche locked down, even if typically those things people make are… er… not thought of as quality.

Sadly my head in a hole nature has kinda made me a bit of a bad place to go for resources. Just know most of the ‘expansions’ on steam have really wonky use licenses (some disallowing EDITING) or are incomplete translations/upscals of VXAce assets, but I am told there are a few nicities out there.

I’d largely avoided everything because up till lately I’d been using Linux and til MV linux and RPGMaker games were not a thing. That’s actually why I specifically wanted MV even though my track record at project completion isn’t terribly good.

Mostly wanting to do a test game, small town chunk, single dungoeon, and trying to refine. However it does have a story and will have other nicities. The idea being ‘oh hey your shop is out of knick knacks. Go pillage the local ruins since there aren’t any good aventurer parties that you can trust to do the legwork.’ Also main character is a necromancer in a world where this is effectivly outlawed (not his choice it’s what he was born with.)

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Have you watched Black Books by any chance?

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Makes sense to me to turn to a medium like this in the face of this kind of frustration. Not only does it give you an approachably sized (and somewhat genre-scoped) network, it also seems like it could give your writing a signal boost akin to visual artists who work in non-traditional media (e.g. this artist painted a portrait of his childhood imaginary friend…in Lego!) that could even potentially draw eyes to more traditional works


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