Who is your favorite complex black female antihero?


That’s a toughie. The only antihero I can think of is Zoë Washburne from Firefly. She was a hero, but also a criminal. I’m not sure how complex she was.


Martha Washington from “Give Me Liberty” immediately came to mind - complex, female, black…and created by two white dudes. But still a great antihero from a prescient and insightful graphic novel.


Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. Maybe that’s just a villain?

My all time favorite comic character is Amanda Waller. Her anti-hero credentials are legit. She is almost always an antagonist to the heroes, but she sees her manipulations (and not occasional assassinations) as a necessary evil to protect her country.


There was Medea Blitz from the American Flagg comic.


Condoleezza Rice


Too true!

Does Michonne from the Walking Dead count? Is everyone in that series essentially an anti-hero at this point? I refer to the comic book, not the TV series, which I don’t watch because I’m a Luddite.


Agent 355 of ‘Y: The Last Man’


Aunty Entity of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

I guess technically she’s a villain, but she had a moral code about as honorable as anyone else’s in that post-apocalyptic setting. And she did ultimately let Mad Max live, probably because she thought he was a hunk.


A current favorite of mine is Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis) in “How to Get Away with Murder”.

She was also my first thought, but really, only Jayne can really be considered an anti-hero…the others, despite doing petty crime, are definitely the good guys of the show.

So, um, yeah. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone.

I’d say Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown, not particularly complex but she set the template for the ABW.


Okay, not particularly complex. Still, though.


There’s always something else.

Off the top of my head (splat!) that would be the goddess Kali. But some might fuss if they are taking “black” to mean “African”. Kali is black, her name even meaning “The Black One”, or “Who Is Black”. If we are to consider this Afrocentrically, I’d say the loa Marinette. But I will surely think of others at other times, I don’t usually think about favorites of anything, since it depends upon my mood.

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Troy from Crooklyn. She’s the central character, but her heroic qualities vacillate: she shoplifts, she pees in the hallway, she’s a total brat sometimes.

IRL, I’d say Bahamadia, whom I’ll characterize as an antihero in the sense that it’s more-or-less a given that a rapper is an antihero, particularly a 90s rapper. her complexity is superb:


I’m going with Lana from Archer.


I was going to mention Lana Kane from Archer as well. She’s actually a regular hero in most regards, as opposed to an anti-hero. She’s principled, usually rational, and generally the voice of reason…except that she works for a semi-evil spy agency, packs automatic weapons, and kills people time to time. But still, aside from Cyril, she’s the “good” one!