Bow down to this collection of strong female characters




Where are Garnet, Amathyst, and Pearrrllllll?


You forgot Hillary Clinton, the next President.


This is pretty great. And I only never heard of three out of nine, so there’s that.


Don’t you mean Seven of Nine? And she isn’t on the list.


She does come across as a fictional character doesn’t she? But then she’s a politician, they’re all putting on a show.


Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec


My current favourite is Carol in The Walking Dead. TOTAL badass, and steals every scene she’s in.
I mean, they even had her say “Come at me”.


or Elizabeth Warren - she’s got Wall Street scared they’re threatening to cut campaign funding to anyone who supports her.


Only TV? No Princess Nell?


The fact that every one of them has a stylized “rosy cheeks” thing is creeping me out. I can’t unsee it.


Brienne of Tarth? Jadzia Dax? Sarah Jane Smith? Morgiana from the anime Magi? The Powerpuff girls? All those ponies?


Aeryn Sun was always on of my favorites.


And Zotoh Zhaan. All of the women of Farscape kicked arse in their own way.


Personally I’d add … all the Doctor Who companions to the list

Even Mel?


I’d have gone with Kaylee rather than Zoe from Firefly.
Zoe can kick a lot of arse, true, but she’s not the only person on that ship that can kick arse.
Kaylee on the other hand is the only person that can keep that ship flying.


Yeah, I agree. It’s OK to be strong female characters, girls, but ya gotta be SOOOOOOO KAAAAWAAAAAAIIIIII!

Apart from the rosy cheeks, I really like it. Maybe there’s some kind of Catholic folk-art precedent that the cheeks refer to?


And Kaylee is unashamedly girly which I love.


Or Peri? Yikes!


When they are placed in this format it makes me wonder who would come out on top in a Battle Royal Scenario…safe money is on Buffy, but anyone who counts out Ripely is a fool.