Could TV's current acceptance of powerful women help pave the way for Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign?


Carol Peletier is the most powerful woman on walking dead. She could take Michonne blindfolded (if she had to).


I am ready for a woman President, just not this one (not that any of the men on the list currently are any better). I just don’t have any good feelings about this election season.


Remember, kids! A vote for Independents is a vote for Hitler!



I don’t know if we’re any readier than we were 8 or 16 or 24 years ago. Ferraro made a good run at it, and that was a long time ago. Even back then, I don’t remember anybody saying a woman couldn’t do the job. Of course there will be a few trolls who say it just to troll, and lots of people who feel this particular woman just doesn’t seem “presidential” - regardless who. But I think we’ve been ready a while now, if the right circumstances had come together.

Also, I have my doubts about TV. Did we have lots of strong black protagonists who paved the way for Obama? A lot fewer than leading women, I’ll wager. Fiction might soften up the ground a little, but it’s still hard work ploughing.

EDIT: Damn, somebody beat me to “just not this one.” Hypothetical beats actual, every time.

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oh yeah, all that stuff paved the way, just like Deep Impact paved the way for a black president.


I mean, the idea that we couldn’t possibly be ready for a female president until/unless TV started showing us powerful ladies is a little patronizing…

…not necessarily wrong, mind you, but a little like “oh, the stupid chimps can’t see the baldly obvious logic unless its pointed out to them with pretty stories.”

AFAIC, the fact that women like this exist on TV is a testament to the not-always-quiet determination of Hillary and other women for the last 50+ years who have made amazing strides to assert common sense over the gendered political and cultural landscape. It was Hillary that allowed Cersei to be a thing, not vice-versa.

But that’s just me being strident, I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Daenerys is a model for everything wrong. She’s a poster child (literally) for someone who feels entitled to take power without actually learning the art of wielding it first. While I voted for Obama twice, I wish our current political system rewarded actual experience like it frequently used to, rather than rhetoric written on a blank slate that people can project their hopes on. In this coming election Hillary actually has paid her dues, and done some time in the government trenches. Unfortunately that means there’s an actual track record to attack her on.

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What was that show that paved the way for the first hostile alien in the White House? Dark Skies maybe, or V? And Cheney still can’t even get his party’s nomination.

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Mental image of Hillary Clinton’s horse heart consumption video proliferating on all social media sites.

I wish it didn’t have to be Clinton. She and her husband are just thoroughly unlikable and represent much of what I despise about the Democratic Party (and I’m a staunch leftist, mind).

Imagine if Bernie Sanders were a fifty-something woman instead of a 73 yo white guy. Why can’t we have that? Do we have that anywhere?


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When the first season of “24” started, something in my gut knew that having Dennis Haysbert play the president was a very good subliminal message.

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Oh I know we’ve had a few - but not what you’d call a “crop.”

If we’re talking TV, I think Martin Sheen paved the way for a white male to become president.
Harrison Ford made the case in the movies.


You want a biscuit?

I’d Vote for Michonne twice before I’d vote for Clinton once.

Republican voter fraud!

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I hope Cersei Lannister sacks the Travel Office of the Red Keep now that she’s fully in charge.

“Weird” Al was once the president?

“Black president” turned into a signifier for a sci-fi programs/films to the point where when Obama was elected, the joke was, “How are they going to indicate the story is science fiction now?” (E.g. “Fifth Element,” “Deep Impact,” “Century City,” “2012”)

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