Why animals eat psychoactive plants

There is some real confusion on this point I think. An elephant would have to absolutely gorge itself on fruit fermenting in the wild to get drunk, so you might say that it’s probably a myth it happens naturally, but they have been known to raid booze stored by humans. In the case of India, where the 5 people were killed, there is severe habitat loss and significant population decline. Elephants in the wild have been driven to the brink, practically. And in the context of this article it is a critique because these elephants are clearly bad drunks. If they’re warring against us we should take note, not chock it up to some crazy elephant party.

They sound gold.

If you give hash to male mice, they become horny and seek out females — but then they find “they can barely crawl over the females, let alone mount them,” so after a little while they yawn and start licking their own penises.

Aaaaah, youth…


Suggested new post headline:
Why aren’t more humans eating psychoactive plants?


If all mind altering plants and fungi were rendered extinct what would we do about gasoline, toluene, freon, and nitrous oxide? It’s a ridiculous idea. People have too strong a drive to alter their mental state.

I’ve heard dogs get a buzz from chewing on burdock seeds but only one person told me that and every web search result concerns the burrs in their fur. Has anyone else head of this?

Like with everything else “bad”: we would ban them. With predictable results.

And then there are the binaural beats, and transcranial magnetic stimulation is finding its ways out of the research. And there is the VR and even the conventional mind-machines. There is future for “E-drugs”, and the Guardians of No Joy will have hard time banning them, double so as their use does not leave markers in urine. (Idea for @doctorow?)

I take it you have never gotten high or drunk. Please feel free to do as you are and feed your superiority complex. The fact is that the most intelligent of our species find some sort of release. Have you found yours? Or does the nose on your face reach the clouds? The fact is that some people enjoy it. If you are a health enthusiast, you would know of what has been called a “runners high.” It is a euphoric feeling that comes around the 4-5 mile for me. This actually has e very similar feeling as a street drug called “x” back when I was a crazy teenager during the “rave scene.” It is a simple release of endorphins. You may also know the feeling if you ever had an orgasm. BUT you have to pull your panties out of that tight wad to experience that as well. This is honestly not a go at you. I simply wish for you (and those like you) to jump off your high horse and enjoy your life a little more.

LOL I think I like you Fuzzy!! Where did you get this info from?

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