Why animals near the ancient Roman "gate to hell" really dropped dead

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Right, right, lovely theory. It could just be the power of Pluto manifest that’s killing those beasts.

Why go back on historical testimony of well respected local priests that’s lasted thousands of years?


Having worked as a beer brewer, I can attest to how carbon dioxide will make you pass out without realising why. Happened to a colleague when cleaning one of the fermentation vats, but quick thinking saved his life when we grabbed him and pulled him up.

EDIT: and yeah, I have felt the effects of being in a CO2 rich environment. Getting light headed, taking deeper breaths without realising it, and if you aren’t aware while it’s happening you will pass out quickly.


The fact that the air coming out of the ground was colder than the air around it would have tended to keep it low as well.


actually that was a good read from CNN.

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Similar to the Cave of Dogs in Naples, Italy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_of_Dogs


Added: Lake Nyos disaster: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Nyos_disaster


“Thousands of years ago in Hierapolis (now Turkey), tourists visited a temple named Plutonium built at a cave thought to be a gateway to the underworld.”

Couldn’t resist.


We (at Exxon Mobil) Call It Life.

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Carbon MONoxide, otoh, is actually slightly lighter than air.


“You will not be saved by the holy ghost. You will not be saved by the god Plutonium. In fact, YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED.” — Satan. Prince Of Darkness (1987 )

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Which Brewer? I think OSHA needs to make a visit and find out why they weren’t following proper confined space protocols.


Wrong jurisdiction. It was a German brewery in 1993, and safety regulations were what made this only a near miss. You never work alone for that reason, and the guy was being reckless. In the end he didn’t even have as much as a headache.

I admit, being a brewer had its upsides, but I don’t miss it. 99% of brewing is cleaning the tanks and the hoses.


Sounds like Hell has a lot of carbon dioxide.

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CalTech has decided that Pluto is not a proper god, but a dwarf-god…


For real. I work alone in buildings a lot. When I see a confined space sign, it basically just say “NOPE” to me.

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I’m a qualified IBEW electrician with confined space certification, and most of them are still NOPE to me. The fact that the average numbers of deaths in a confined space incident is higher than one should give everyone a good long pause: people die in pairs, because they’re trying to save their pal.


Hey it’s not all bad news! Because I was too mindful of the real reasons I might die whenever in a crawl space, I stopped worrying about spiders. Now I’m not afraid of them at all!


God enough to survive the otherwise dwarf-deadly CO2 layer

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the god of dead dwarves. and hobbits.

See also, the Oracle at Delphi: