Why are Jihadis obsessed with Red Mercury?


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What did i just read?!?! I’m confused and frightened. Hold me Rob


But Shadow Ops: Red Mercury!
A video game would never make up a fictional ultra-weapon!!!


Now I’m wondering if it’s illegal to sell fake weapons of mass destruction.


Also, a hiding place. Because Daesh are going to want to find him to get their money back, and to find out what he did with the real Red Mercury. :wink:


Thank god that sample has the sprinkles on top. They operate as control rods.

And flavor enhancers.


Well, everyone knows how powerful Red Kryptonite from the planet Krypton is for doing evil, so it only makes sense that Red Mercury from the planet Mercury would have similar properties…


Pfft. . . yeah right, more blatantly obvious disinformation on the part of the Western Media, a poor attempt to thwart our glorious mujahideen in their quest for Red Mercury. Shake in fear America, we have already purchased your famed Brooklyn Bridge.


Isn’t this the same as the Nazi ancient artefacts squad? That ideologies will devote endless resources to pursuing a, for want of a better term, Holy Grail, despite all evidence to the contrary? (I guess it’s better they do that than pursue something as equally unfounded as “trickle-down economics” though, because at least when they fail it doesn’t have any longer term effects.)


The official novel of the movie of the novel!


just keep a bullet proof vest on and keep your Deloria running.




… so close!


And now that we have the bridge, we will paralyze New York by closing a lane or two… BWA HA HA…


I have some “ice 9” I’d like to sell them.


Deloria is plural.


Red matter! I wondered where they got that idea…


Well, the GOP sure as fuck is… Shaking in fear and turning to fascism like it’s some kind of magic cure-all. Humans: we are very dangerous monkeys.


Mercuric sulfide, or cinnabar, is bright red and has been used in certain “alternative medicines”. Coincidence?