Why are so many of the BoingBoing FB posts lately stories that are from 2017?

Seriously, what’s up with the FB feed? Lots of content from spring/summer 2017. Is there a broken algorithm going on here auto-posting old stuff? There’s plenty of quality content that’s new to post.

Maybe it’s just an experiment to see how few people pay attention to things like publish dates. Does BoingBoing have an IRB?

Just get rid of Facebook already.
Boom, done.

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You’re welcome!

Seriously, delete Facebook!

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What? No idea there even was one. How is the MySpace page holding up?


I figure it’s a honey pot for the really noxious comments. Any trollish and/or sour behavior we see around here does not hold a candle to the comments that BB’s Facebook posts attract.

(Last I looked, anyway. My account’s been inactive since January.)


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