Why can't I sign up with my Proton Mail account

Perhaps secure.
Other than my Yahoo or G-mail account
NSA Milch cow?

Sitting in middle,
Bound to be a centrepiece,
Shock and awe released.

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pleased to be awed
stunned to be shocked
why is the question

Proton Mail, Proton Mail. 
Mailing the things on a Proton scale. 
What's it like? Not important. 
Proton Mail. 

Discourse Male, Discourse Male
Discourse Male hates Proton Mail
They have a fight, Discourse wins 
Discourse Male.

We are not a hive
good is a concept
we’ll look after you
sharpen my …

What is the error you are experiencing when you use that account as your address? Can you provide a screenshot?

If you lack the rights da new user to upload, could you put it on imgur it something?

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