I Don't Usually Do This, BUT

…Sometimes one must resort to using a ‘work around’; like creating a whole new account because Discourse suddenly seems to hate me.


Bummer! Hopefully @orenwolf can help you get back into you’re your original account.

(one of these days I will learn English, though in this case my typo almost sort of worked)


Already started a thread with the Discourse folks. Unfortunately I don’t have any special sysadmin access to the BBS itself!


Look on the bright side! Now’s your chance to experiment with a sophisticated British accent or something, like going off to college for the first time.


Oh I can get in at home; my password simply doesn’t work on any other computer - the interface doesn’t recognize it, and I’m not about to reset it every single time I log onto a different device.


That is weird.


I’ve had something sort of a little bit like that, where my keyboard on different devices will render certain characters differently. In my case it’s because my work computer likes to switch to Canadian French, and then the quotation mark turns into an e with an accent.

Have you tried typing your password into a text file, just so you can see it, to make sure the characters are the same on all systems?


No, but that’s not a bad idea…


Didn’t work.

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dang. Alright, I guess it’s up to the Discourse Support Ninjas then.

Or just keep the current split - I can imagine it’s part of a secret program to flood the bbs with clones of our best people

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Eek! Is your tongue now a strawberry?

And if you hit Scotland, remember to say “Bob’s your uncle!” as many times as conversation permits.

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