Why did astronauts' space suits leak urine?

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When I worked the counter at McDonalds as a lad, there was no small siz for either soft drinks or fries. It was called “regular.”

Size is sooo kewl!

What’s It Like in Space? Stories from Astronauts Who’Ve Been There?

Stories from Astronauts Who’Ve Been There?

Who’Ve Been There?


Been There?


The same group of geniuses who asked Sally Ride if 100 tampons would be enough for a week in space?

Orbital mechanics, no big. Anything in the underwear region, lose all sense.


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Sounds like bullshit to me.

Oh look it’s on snopes…

Russell Schweickart, the Lunar Module Pilot on the 1969 Apollo 9 mission, said in an interview urinating in space was a little tricky:
There’s always the possibility that in maneuvering around in a suit you can end up pulling off the condom, and there’s always — we have three sizes you know, small, medium and large — in diameter, and there’s always this little ego thing about which one you do pick. Of course the smart guy picks the right size, because it’s very important. But what happens is, if you get too small a size it effectively pinches off the flow and you just turn yellow because you can’t go; and if, on the other hand you’ve got an ego problem and you decide on a large when you should have a medium, what happens is you take your first leak and you end up with half of the urine outside the bag on you. And that’s the last time you make that mistake. So it’s a cute little trick there.

You’d think a book editor would check, maybe.

Also of course I think it’s unlikely an astronaut actually flew without trying this this on first, and I so far see no evidence of a complaint about this, just that there were sizes and that it was important to chose the correct one.

Hey, at least they had the sense to ask the person who would know. It’s entirely possible that she would have needed zero tampons that particular week, or some other arrangement altogether due to menstrual flow possibly not working the same way in microgravity. (nice choice of header image there)

They wouldn’t be very good engineers if they didn’t consider details.

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You would think there would be a tailor with a tiny medium little tape measure to double-check such an important detail. Also, you would think the astronauts would try on their space suits before launch, in case the tailor made a mistake and there’s a gaping hole in your suit. But my version isn’t very funny.

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