Steve Jurvetson scores a Mercury spacesuit at auction


I realize it’s really a priceless piece of history that should be treated with as much care as possible, and preserved, but I would still find it really hard to resist putting it on.


I would put it on and watch The Right Stuff. Probably contemplate making the capsule interior.

This is an incredible score…

Wow, you guys, without water cooling that thing would be so hot and sweaty after just a few minutes…

Fun Fact - the silver color was pure marketing to make them look more “spaceman-like”.


Rich people continue to buy expensive, cool stuff. Film at 11.


Maybe your kids could wear it for Halloween. Notice how small the suit is - those test pilots tended to be really really small dudes. We want to think of them as being big guys, but the military loved recruiting little guys that they shoved into early tanks and planes where ergonomics was at the bottom of the list. We saw Mercury spacesuits at the Smithsonian, and they looked like something from the childrens department.


I’m not that big a dude myself, and I don’t have any kids (unless you count the four-legged kind–and this suit doesn’t seem made for them). Maybe it would fit me. That’s exactly the sort of thing I’d wear to work on Halloween.

Heck, it’s the sort of thing I’d be tempted to wear on casual Fridays.

5’-11" was the Mercury height maximum (Al Shepard), but Grissom was 5’-7", so I’m guessing they shrink when not pressurized.

I like Adam Savage’s purposefully-not-entirely-accurate reproduction way more.

The suit may be real, but the woman looks fake. Maybe it’s just me. I’d have to inspect in person.

Dammit! I totally overslept and missed this!!


That’s why I had my butler call in. Unfortunately the person on the other end of the call was not as diligent and failed to raise their paddle in time. I understand they have been let go, having blamed something called “Angry Birds” at the time.

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Is Steve the person wearing the blue top?

Obligatory “It belongs in a museum!”.

Do you come with the Mercury spacesuit?

…It’s okay, I’ll let myself out.

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