This hoodie looks like the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore on the Apollo 11 mission


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It looks great - but that link doesn’t seem to work. Maybe sold out?


link broke, which blows, cause I was totally gonna order for my kiddo -

inspire science!! :slight_smile:


I love it. But I’d be afraid someone would approach me, accuse me of lying about landing on the Moon and I’d have to punch them in the face in exasperation.



I found it by searching


And there is a discount bundle with this!


I want one.
Can I get “Aldrin” on mine, cos Buzz is my favourite.


i thank you, and Saul thanks you! :slight_smile: he is gonna be so happy


then you’d need one that said “Aldrin” not “Armstrong”??



I want to believe this won’t suck. I’ve been sorely disappointed by similar artwork on t-shirts. Images on the site look like photoshop. What does a real product look like I wonder?


Fixed the link. Thanks all.


Worth every penny.

[zero sarcasm]


Looks neat. Do double-check the sizing chart. The smallest available is an “S”, but that “S” looks to be closer to what I’d call “M” or “L” according to the weight ranges listed in their sizing chart (never seen weight ranges on such a chart, but I suppose that’s an interesting measurement if the weight is borne in an average manner).


I’d like the Gagarin version please.


Good call. He was awesome; Buzz is just my favourite NASA astronaut.


But it’s not his actual suit, right?


@Tamsin_Bailey, @FFabian

Well, Juri was way cuter…


If they made a onsie of this, I would pay whatever they were asking, without blinking.


Aldrin: always right on the nose.