Heavy denim "Starfleet" jackets


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$315. Uh-huh.


Do I have to tug it down every time I stand up? I mean, I need authenticity. :slight_smile:



Oi, wrong jacket…


They seem a bit longer than the originals, so probably no need for the Picard maneuver.


Authenticity is ruined by the presence of pockets


How about the Riker Maneuver? That calls for trousers with a spacious gusset and some stretch.

This video always amazes me because I didn’t spot it when watching the series on telly. Poor Jonathan Frakes and his bad back.


Hand made in the USA doesn’t come cheap.


I have one of the “Hacker” jackets and I love it. It’s roomy enough to put a layer under, but still looks great without. A fantastic, stylish, fall jacket for New England. Really well made, too. I’ve been very pleased.


So… ST:NG didn’t copyright those designs? I see there is no insignia, but those patterns seem like they may infringe if ya know what I mean.

I had to stop myself from ordering the Apollo 11 Armstrong spacesuit hoodie… and walking around like it is 1/6g, don’t want the kids to see that no siree!


They say in the listing that these are officially licensed. You can add a com badge to your order.


Are they reversable in case you are in the Mirror Mirror universe?


Clothing designs are generally not copyrightable. Logos can be trademarks, but other aspects of clothing design usually get no protection.


The goatee and knife sash are extra.


I’m pretty sure they’ll be there as these are a sign of the darkest timeline.



“Make it sew, Number One!”


The Klingons in their targ-hide leather jackets sneer at those weak hoomans!


Ah yes. The terribly designed uniforms, no wonder they got rid of that version. Have to wonder how they thought filming a whole season in those things would work.


You could add a fringe, but that would be custom.