Star Trek: The Next Generation beachwear


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I’m so glad they didn’t do menswear. Riker would be difficult to unsee.



I imagine it would look like this:


Even in that picture he’s got a barely concealed weapon.


You just had to. (Is that a shaved nipple, or is that just from reaching for the communicator badge?)


We must never forget the horror of Angel One.


In my youth I was game master for some Star Trek role playing game. I had one scenario where a crewman was murdering people on the Enterprise and the players had to stop him. Turns out the murderer was Riker’s Yeoman who went nuts after having to clean the lube and body hair from every surface in Riker’s quarters. (In my defense I was 15 at the time)



Even Marina Sirtis can’t keep a straight face!


No need to explain. In the same RPG I was once part of a crew of merchants whose personae included Richard Simmons, Count Floyd from SCTV, and Gilbert Gottfried.

I think your scenario may actually have been preferable.


That sounds like the best/worst party ever.


Go away lady! Can’t you see I have this AD&D first edition campaign module to read?


The only complaint I have is that they didn’t have yeoman on TNG. :laughing:


Hard pass.


“Now that’s one away team I’d like to be part of.” or something.


We have come a long way, baby.


I think you mean It’s been a long road, getting from there to here. :laughing:



Welp, not sure we needed these, but okay.