Your next pajamas could be Star Trek: TNG onesie with removable feet


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I’d be interested if it zipped up at the back, instead of this season 1 front-zip garbage


Sweet dreams.


Those aren’t Picard pajamas - these are Picard pajamas:


Bellhop: Looks like the missus booted you out in the middle of the night!

Data: Ah. I understand the source of your misperception, but this is not sleepwear, and I do not have a ‘missus.’

–“Time’s Arrow”



More Star Trek: Next Generation pajama talk.


Howlingly funny.


That is… not horrible at all. You might find me in line a the supermarket picking up a gallon of milk in this.






I don’t think I’d sleep very well wearing a red shirt uniform to bed…




I guess you could apply that same reasoning to submarine crews.


Not if you’ve been on board a US submarine you wouldn’t!

The Enterprise is both roomy and upholstered, two things submarines ain’t.


Onesies. Romper suits for adults.

The day I realised these were mainstream was the day I knew civilisation was doomed.


Night shirts.


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