Star Trek sleep-shirts

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Immediately went here to get one for the SO and thought the sizes looked odd, and every comment is basically either bafflement at the sizing, complaints about having to return them because of the sizing, or suggestions that you can get them in real sizes from Amazon.

There should be an orange and purple version too, for expendable commanders and scientists.

Who in their right mind would buy a red one? That’s just ASKING for trouble.


Right, cause those pesky engineers who kept the ship running and science science-ing never did any good right?

(seriously, it is about time this stupid “red shirt” joke die. Scalzi’s Redshirts novel should have been the end all be all for this tired old stupid joke)

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The joke is quite grim for those of us who wear the engineering red.

But when you spend your days next to pressurized pipes, high-temperature boilers, plasma conduits and antimatter reactors, a bit of gallows humor helps you to cope with the closeness of death, lurking behind just a few millimeters of alloy.

It helps you smile while the fatigue cracks are a-growin’.


I agree! Enough already! It’s not funny that the one on the left got eaten by a rock monster with lava for blood!


too bad, I was hoping she was going to turn out to be the plucky comedy relief. but then it turned out she didn’t even have a last name!


The Security Strike song.

Oh, you boys and your silly superstitions.




I guess Star Trek doesn’t enter my life often enough for me to realize the joke is that tired. Can we still make fun of how Stormtroopers can’t seem to hit anything?


That would be a negative Captain. That joke is even worse.

  1. “Those blast points are too accurate for Sand People” You gonna call ObiWan a liar? Even from a certain point of view.
  2. Battle of Hoth? Lotsa dead rebels
  3. Battle of Endor? Lotsa dead ewoks

Luke and company were ALLOWED to escape the Death Star. Of course the Stormtroopers there missed. Every other interaction we had with them they landed their shots.


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If the blue one had a blue cowl collar, you could pull off a Nurse Chapel TOS costume.

We the audience identifying with the heroes of a story. Try to keep up.

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But you clearly differentiate yourself(ves) from Luke and company. Does this mean that you identify the heroes as the Imperial forces? No wonder, you spelled Admiral Ackbar’s name wrong!

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So it was you in that bar?

…and the whole thing was an inside job, all signs say so.

The clones “accidentally” don’t hit Jedi knights and Anakin’s kids rather a lot.

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I think the problem is having operations handle security and combat and reconnaissance.

Starfleet not having marines on deep space vessels which are equipped for combat is such a huge mistake.