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My name comes not from the Mon Cala, but from Life in Hell.

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Starfleet’s mission has always been one of peace and science. We only come armed for defense. Having marine units on board would set bad precedent for Federation policy.

Clone troopers are clones.
Imperial Stormtroopers of the OT time period are conscripted soldiers and not clones. Apples and Oranges when comparing marksmanship.

notably when shooting at Jedi.

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Order 66 would seem to disagree with that.

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Really? Lets see…
Of the times Anakin’s kids went up against Stormtroopers:

  1. Leia: Blockade runner. Stun blast sure seemed to hit her.
  2. Luke and Leia: Death Star. Again, allowed to escape. Missed on purpose.
  3. Luke: Battle of Hoth. Remind me again? Didn’t his speeder get shot down?
  4. Leia: Escape from Bespin. Arguably the only time troopers actually missed her. But I accept it due to the mechanics of a fire fight in a city and barely escaping.
  5. Leia: Battle of Endor. Sure seem to remember her taking a shot to the arm.

So tell me again, when did Stormtroopers miss the Skywalker kids?

There does seem to be an upper limit to how many stormtroopers they can mess with at once. I would assume the threshhold for a clone trooper to respond and miscue when a jedi sends out the signal to be lower. She appers to be surrounded by say 7 troopers, but only the clones she can’t make eye contact with manage to get a shot in. hmmm.

when did they kill them again?

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No one is arguing the validity of shots vs kills. We are just talking about hitting their targets.

(and I hate the prequels as much ass the next guy so no need to keep bringing it up. I only supplied the gif of one jedi being killed to prove your idiotic comment incorrect. You want to keep moving the goal posts go for it.)

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I’m wearing my Starfleet hoodie today so I feel compelled to speak as a member.

where did you get it? Comfy?

Super comfy. Got it custom from redbubble. Its just a black hoodie with the Starfleet logo over the left breast. Its the Motion Picture design so its this one:

But of course I am sporting the Operations Red color.

I do find it hilarious a Banzai Irregular and a member of the Tesledyne Industries are having such a heated debate over this. (if you love Buckaroo Banzai and aren’t familiar with Atomic Robo you should check it out)

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ooooh, christmas.


Back to the Jeffries Tube with you, @shaddack!

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Don’t be such a clonophobe.

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