Star Trek hand-towels

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the red towel is for ‘accidents’


In that case I suggest a bit darker, brownish-red color so the stains won’t stand out.

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Oh FFS…when will this ridiculous meme end? Sure, security division redshirts were typically canon fodder…but lets not forget that red was also for the Engineering division. Without whom starfleet would never get off this spinning rock.

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Not a single HHGTTG quip? For space towels? You’re slacking, Boingers.


That’s because we’re all hoopy froods who really know where our towels are. No need to draw attention to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, you know they were constantly falling into the warp core over in Engineering…

You know, I was going to write that I’d wait to buy these until we’ve stop using hand towels to clean up with the baby vomits, but that is a better idea. Especially if she’s wearing her little command suit at the time.

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