Scorched Star Trek:TOS redshirts


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Pedantry alert: should really be long sleeve, with a black v-neck collar.

Also, didn’t those guys usually just disintegrate and disappear when blasted? I don’t recall many bodies getting beamed back to the ship.


That price is both expensive and oddly specific.


I don’t get the white “pattern” lines…


Unless your name is Montgomery Scott, you would only be caught dead wearing one of these.


it’s more difficult to make a shirt with a spear sticking out if it


Yes that looks awful. And the thing is supposed to be a print of some actual ST image so… ¯_㋛_/¯


That shopping site was pretty sketchy. That being said, I did like seeing the red shirt meme made physical. I’ll probably get a version from another vendor.


Artifact of the printing process, I think - where the fabric was bunched together, but now separated.


I was hoping that they were some stylistic rendering of the shirt, not meant to be taken literally, however this Amazon listing suggests you are right:


Better to get a red t-shirt and mark it up yourself rather than a poorly dyed white t-shirt.


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