William Shatner was none too pleased with his green Star Trek costume

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Every time I see old ST:TOS cast photos, I’m surprised at how janky the costumes were. They’re just so clearly off-the-rack sweatshirts with a glittery patch sewn on. They were baggy and slouchy and not at all uniform-like. The movie and TNG uniforms were strikingly more professional.

I can’t really criticize, knowing how little they had to work with and how little precedent there was for high-quality sci-fi costuming. It’s just a little jarring.


At least HIS shirt didn’t mark him for death.

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In Canada, everyone knew the costume designer’s secret. http://www.stanfields.com/polo-pj.html

Green? I always thought Kirk’s uniform was yellow. Checked Wikipedia’s article on “Star Trek Uniforms” and it says,

“The gold shirts were actually green but appeared gold under the lights used on the set. In later series, the gold color was “canonized” in dialog. However, some uniforms – the alternate tunics worn by Captain Kirk, and the command division dress uniforms – were made of a different material which, while the same color, showed up as green even under the lights.”

Huh! Whaddya know.


These were the days of “In Color!”
Subtle tones weren’t what they were going for.

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omg you’re right… I thought they were yellow too… all these years.
Now, however, looking more carefully at some of the “yellow” shirts, I can sort of see the green.
Now you’ve done it, you’ve spoiled it for me forever! I will never be able to watch an old star trek and see the captain in yellow :confused:

just convince yourself, the green was an NTSC artifact.

That’s bullshit because everything he wore was black–the cape, the mask, that breathy thing on his chest…I mean, only his light saber was yellowish. Besides, since he traveled in a phone booth you’d think it wouldn’t matter what color his shirt was.


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