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They had me at Lazy Susan For Only Two Sauces.


This made me happy.


Speaking of fashion…


Am I alone in thinking, from the headline, that this would be about closets and garderobes?

Not that I dislike the topic, I was just expecting even harder-core geekery.

The Star Fleet uniforms have too few colors. Check just the jersey colors from US Navy aircraft carriers for an example how color-coding can be done properly.

On a ship of the size of a small city, there has to be some form of coding for the personnel to make their role and position easy to see at a single glance. Granted, not so needed in the day to day routine, but such systems have to be designed for good performance and low cognitive overhead under the conditions of high-stress low-time operations in the middle of a battle or other emergency.


So are you say Goth Star Trek would be a silly idea?



Impractical, certainly.

But after a glass of absinthe (or two, or maybe three…) it could be quite fun.


I am so on a derailing record today… Should I spill the beans about how I got blasted on absinthe in Prague by myself during 3F weather at 2am?

No, no I shouldn’t. It’s up there with the New Orleans incident.


Yesyesyesyes… YES! :smiley:

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Four stalkers (two of which were scaaaary, getting lost a block away from my hotel, (slightly racist) a Somali that tried to mug me, and more peoe.crying on the streets than I have ever seen?

Eastern European version of taxi driver?

(Kids, don’t do absinthe)


I can understand why it wasn’t be feasible for Star Trek to invest a lot of time into inventing unique fashion, architecture and other cultural signifiers for each alien race that it introduced, but wouldn’t it have been great if they did? Could you picture a Star Trek episode written by someone like China Mieville? The aliens would actually feel alien, and you’d be excited to see each “strange new world” they explored. One of the major flaws in Star Trek, for me, was that it presents a universe that basically mirrors earthing geopolitics, specifically from the point of view of the United States, rather than one that geniunely inspires curiosity and awe.

Also, absinthe — yeah!

And yes, it’s DS9, but


“The hardware of a Ringling Bros. elephant.”!!
I’m still laughing so hard I’m crying!

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Actually, I’ve usually admired bus-seat fabric. Interesting designs.

I wonder why they have so weird patterns. My hypothesis is that their role is to minimize the visibility of the inevitable stains.

Thought. A computer-vision algorithm for recognizing stains. Simulated stains encoded to the image. An image generator that tweaks variables for a pattern generator. Iterate over the possible value-space of the generator seeds, in a genetic way, produce the most stain-invisible material.

Then market it for bus seats and for kids’ clothing.


Hmm. Excuse me – I need to log in to Star Trek Online and redesign my bridge officers’ uniforms again.


Not for nothing, but I had a Tumblr that was kind of the redux of this a few years ago. It’s basically the TL;DR of this blog: http://tngpng.tumblr.com/