A new line of heavy denim Starfleet jackets: the Star Trek: Discovery edition

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Ok, so they come in Tyler, Burnham, doc, and Tilly sizes… Do you have anything in a Saru?


I thought that really white person was a mannequin at first.

I really like the style, i’m not as much of a Trek fan but i would be delighted to see someone wearing one of these :slight_smile:


Same, not a trekkie, but it’d be awesome to see someone who is, enjoying their fandom.

But at $330… wow.

(buuuuut… that’s not saying that if they made a stillsuit jacket version that I wouldn’t be throwing money at them.)

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A working stillsuit would be best


There used to be this one 20-ish fellow I’d see walking down the street as I was returning home from work. He’d wear a Star Trek star fleet costume (perhaps next generation), and always with an odd little smile on his face. I haven’t seen him in a great while. I wonder what happened to him, and what he was thinking as he sauntered down the street during rush hour.


Still waiting for my Arzach suit.

I like the style of these jackets but personally i tend to prefer being more subtle about my fandoms. I’m typically not wearing graphic tees and the like. It’s not really a criticism regarding the jacket, it’s just really not for me. If it had more subtle nods toward Trek i’d be more interested, though i’m not in the market for a nice jacket anyway.

Umm… Water’s pretty easy to get on this planet, so I’d rather not be carrying around poop sacs on my legs, just begging for a puncture wound/sepsis…

Also, I don’t even want to know what the more intimate attachments are like.

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Having met Doug Jones, I think we’d have to go custom fit his particular body shape, but we do offer that. That said, the sleeves are made long do that they have be tailored to fit, and we’ve got a sizing consult option on our website to allow us to help you find the right size. :slight_smile:

I keep seeing you on these posts, one of these days we’re gonna make something that you just can’t resist I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what would be more subtle than this though, especially the Section 31 color worn without the badge, but I’ll come up with something.

I do like a majority of what you guys design though i’m not much of a stylish dresser, the price points are also kind of a jump for me but i just had to share my appreciation for the jackets :slight_smile: Some day though… i do splurge on some stuff on occasion but for now i’m not particularly looking.

I do hope these sell well, good luck!

As long as you don’t mix them up you’re good.


On this planet? If an exoplanet supporting life is found, it will likely host more than one type of ecosystem.

And if I ever travel to Arrakis or similar, I will be damned sure to buy me a top of the line fremen manufactured stillsuit.

I’m pretty familiar and comfortable with the desert southwest that I’ve spent a lot of time in, and know for a fact that I don’t want to be carrying solid waste over soft tissues in areas with teddy bear cholla and super spiky yucca. So, on Earth, I’m gonna stick with regular clothes…

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What Section 31 version? I don’t see any identified as such or is it a trolling?
The unlabelled one just looks like operations copper.

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