Star Wars clothing that's a cut above


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Do the shoes flash lights and make light saber sounds as you walk? (Red for Sith sneakers.)


I like the Skywalker jacket, but I’d be afraid it would look too much like a Members Only jacket on me.

The Rey sweater looks quite nice, maybe paired with…I don’t know, some denim capris, perhaps in olive, blue jean blue, or white? I think red would be too overpowering for a neutral sweater.


cool store. i have wanted that skywalker jacket

since i was a whee annoyance.


I have a rebel scarf they appear to no longer make. It is great. I like their build quality from that and a Destiny sweater i sent my brother in law.



Actually, I was thinking Luke Spencer, rather than Luke Skywalker.


Credit: DJ Woody, I suppose?


These are my favourite Star Wars outfits:


The Sith coat is amaaaazing. I’d be tempted to replace the badge with something from a more ridiculous evil organization - Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems or P.A.G.A.N. or the like.

I also don’t have 280 Euros kicking around for a coat.


The other day I was just thinking that George Lucas and Disney don’t have enough money…


Star Wars fashion? Commander Riker says, hold my uniform!

(those pants, tho! and Troi’s face says it all, doesn’t it!)


I think the elongated ovoid thingy on the left could also have been a factor.


ETA: Fashion it so, Commander.


And the always classic, Crusher sweater!



I’m on my knees.


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