A Darth Vader blazer with Death Star lining and buttons


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With that on, is there any expression or pose that doesn’t become slightly villainous?


Pick it up from the tailor…
“I have altered your suit jacket, pray I don’t alter it any further.”


Dude it’s Winter!



Limited Edition, released In memorial for the anniversary of the devastating attack against the Death Star. We must never forget the massive amounts of lives lost including republic troops and innocent support staff who perished do to the terrorist actions of Rebel groups.


I think i would like it better if it wasn’t satin but a slightly different texture/pattern of the same material or a very slightly darker tone of a similar material so that it’s more subtle. The red and blue stitching on the side is also a bit odd for me, think i would prefer it to not be there and then have a pocket square with the red and blue on it as a pattern.

Nitpicking i know :slight_smile: the blazer as is is not bad at all. I just have a preference for more subtle details but if someone gifted me said blazer i think i’d be happy to wear it as long as the fit was right.


Let me know when the Rebel version hits the shelves.


But - how does it hold up to blaster fire?


Before someone here makes a Trump admin joke, stop. Everyone knows the best way to look like a fascist there is to dress up like a middle aged ‘Black Parade’ era My Chemical Romance fanboy.

Just trying to save a couple of people’s time with that little tip.


That’s a very reasonable price. Aren’t these things usually stupid expensive?


I would have said that the fascist medal alone did it, but…

However, this blazer is perfect for certain stolen-valor-loving former law enforcement officials. If nothing else, it’s a good base to build on.


Da fuq!? I knew about the medal, but hadn’t seen the jacket.


He looks like an old retired pin and badge collector. I wouldn’t take this guy seriously if he came up and started barking orders; I’d probably call the local police psych unit to take the old man in for an assessment.
(It also looks a bit like a Communist-era senior officer dressed to review the troops.)


No child sizes! This is probably the only way in the universe that I could get my youngest son to wear a suit.


Yeah, given that he’s added more pins to his outfit over time, the parody images of the guy take a second to be distinguished from his actual photos, because it seems believable that this is what he’s actually become:


Oh, he’s just expressing himself with all that “Flair.”


Well, he actually has more than the minimum seventeen items of flair, so I think he’s ok…


The minimum was 15, but overachievers like Brian and Davey never want to do “just the bare minimum.”



This gentleman appears to have all the same medals.

Does he own the factory that stamps these things out? Or is he really good at one particular thing?