Waxed-cotton, waterproof "fighter pilot" jackets

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Looks like the perfect wardrobe for those whose greatest daily challenge is which way to hold the Starbucks cup.



I was all set to say “cool, but these are never made in my size” - but then I saw they offer them up to 51". I’m impressed.

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@doctorow which jacket of theirs do you have? I’ve been eyeing the “Hacker” for a while now, but haven’t been able to stomach the price just yet. They’re comfy and well made?


I have an embarrassing number of their jackets and they are, to a one, beautifully made and comfortable af.


Conceptually interesting stuff but prices are way out of my or my wife’s range and I don’t think either one of us have the figure to wear this stuff effectively any more. Time unmakes us all.

Heavy, stiff, non-breathable, pricey, foppish.


I know nothing of these particular jackets, but my waxed cotton Barbour and Filson jackets are both quite breathable. While the Filson jacket is designed to be heavy and stiff, the Barbour is neither.

My Filson jacket is 21 years old and my Barbour is over 25. So while they may both have been “pricey” when new, their daily cost or cost per wear is minuscule as they both have years if not decades of life left in them. IMHO, it’s worth paying for quality.


That guy looks like needs to poop. He has the “I need to poop” face going on there.

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I love my Belstaff jackets and the waxed-cotton variants are my winter coat. They are the most comfortable jacket to be stuck in shitty weather in that I have owned. Blizzards, torrential downpours, Vanagon stuck in mudflats? My old trialmaster handles it all and can be brushed off and worn to a leather club.

Has there been a technological revolution in space steampunk-age fabrics that I missed, or do you still need to re-wax your waxed cotton on a regular basis?

Because if not, “waterproof” quickly becomes “concentrates streams of water directly through the folds where the wax has flaked away.”

Caveat hipster.

This part confused me. Best I can figure out the RAF just wore great coats in that era and the two below are more typical of the US for this time period.

The second came from this discussion on the history of the A1 pilots jacket. Interesting stuff there.

I was thinking that for that price range, a Barbour International would keep off rain and has pockets.

I bought a Volante Eagle coat while drunk. It’s a little too Assassin’s Creed for me to wear regularly but I do like it.

I’m sure they feel obliged to the same level of historical accuracy met by your average steampunker.

Also, that dudes beard. Can’t even.


I don’t expect accurate reproductions from this kind of vendor just scratching my head on “inspired by”

From the website:

Weather ( sic ) you’re blitzing from place to place, shooting down your enemies, or tracing lines in the sky, do it in style.

Apparently WW2 is far enough in the past that modern Mittys can fantasize about piloting their Stukas in dive-bombing raids on Polish towns.

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Nikwax spray. I alternate it with the badger wax on my really old jacket with lots of built up patina. The newer jacket gets badger wax until it looks right to me.

Like really good motorcycle leathers, you gotta invest TIME.