Barbour Steve McQueen Rexton jacket


Something about the idea of faux vintage $800 clothing is so repugnant, I don’t care how cool it looks.

ETA: though I suppose when it’s a discussion between people who own a $450 and $700 jacket, respectively, such concerns go out the window. Such lives you people lead.


McQueens real jacket would have been at most a size “medium.”

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Also, that buckle will scratch the hell out of your tank.

$800 for a jacket. That’s just stupid. Like Macklemore sings:

that’s just some ignorant bitch shit I call that getting swindled and
pimped, shit I call that getting tricked by business That shirt’s
hella dough And having the same one as six other people in this club
is a hella don’t


That’s an expensive jacket.

If you are going to ride with this jacket as protection you should consider an Aerostich Falstaff jacket. It has similar styling, it’s about half the price, has safety features like armor, and is made in the USA (as opposed to Tunisia).


In some cases a jacket such as this can be an important safety accessory, ie. while actually riding a motorcycle. There are many options that are lower priced, and that even provide excellent protection (i submitted a link below). Riding around wearing flip-flops and a tank top can be a fashion statement too, but that’s a whole 'nuther discussion.

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Going with the apparent settlement. That much money for a fake vintage look just… I dunno maybe it’s because of economic brackets. If you spent $800 on a jacket that had all sorts of saftey bells and whistles AND looked cool I could understand because practical value.

Here? It’s an expensive cosplay piece you can’t even claim was hand made (except by the factory workers of wherever.) Enjoy it if you want but it’s just not my thing.

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At $800 you at least have a jacket you can exchange for a new engine

I think Steve would have laughed in your face. He wore this jacket because, for it’s day, it was the best available. Being the true racer he was he would most certainly have availed himself of modern textile technology just as he did with his motorcycles.

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hey, whatever floats your boat. not my kinda jacket, but if that’s what someone’s into, not my problem, either.

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I got a waxcloth bike jacket from SuperDry of similar cut and color for a couple hundred bucks. And unlike 99% of SuperDry products, it isn’t plagued with a gigantic eyesore of a logo plastered all over it. Plus, it has removable velcro patches on the shoulders, so i can switch out to whatever nerd emblems i’m feeling at the moment.


Steve McQueen would never wear velcro.

well, i don’t think anyone will be making him buy it anytime soon.


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