Buy Steve McQueen's auto racing suit from Le Mans


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…And then sit on your red racecar bed and pretend that you’re driving the grand prix while wiggling the little steering wheel and making racecar noises.


Is this a directive? I’m not feeling very influenced.


I’d rather have the car than the jacket. That’s a nice machine. A pancake 12 is a thing of beauty, even if it burns some oil.

But for now, I can pretend that I’m Steve McQueen as I drive my '63 Corvair quickly down Kitt Peak (it’s too wimpy to go up quickly).


No sooner does @doctorow buy the Delorean mechanic’s onesie then @pesco ups the car-related clothing auction challenge.

If $500k is too dear a price to live the Steve McQueen dream, that funky Tag Heuer watch is available to us peons for a mere $5900.


I can smell it just by looking at it. “Essence of manly man”.





One of my favorite jackets. Not original. Pakistani replica.


Will it give me lung cancer?

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