The King of Cool's super cool watch

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In my favourite Steve McQueen movie he’s the Cooler King.


The watch is definitely cool looking.

Wife-beaters are not.


I like this one better (the watch, and the actor)


This is how I like to remember him, a hero of mine from The Great Escape. Lives on my desktop:

Or maybe the two-fingered kiss-off from the last scene of Lemans:


The Monaco is indeed a cool watch.

The Paul Newman Daytona, not so much. Rolex is just bleh to me on style design, so plain. Its just a dial swap.

Personally, I like vintage Omegas, but Tag is cool too. Every watch is the right one, as long as you’re passionate about it and taking care of it. Everyone has their own style.

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Yeah. Rolex is kind of clunky – most of them. The date „cyclops“ is horrendous. The Explorer series is an outlier and looks more elegant though. I was very close to buy the black/silver Explorer II a few times but then Nomos brought out new models…

Yes, nothing says “fuck everything” like socks & sandals.


Here’s the full version



Or sometimes way over the top. Gary Shteyngart has a line in his novel “Lake Success” where the watch geek protagonist says a particular Rolex “looks like a Russian oligarch curled up and died around your wrist.”

Warning pointless pedantry ahead!

It was a Heuer Monaco with a lovely (to me objectively it’s no very good) Cal. 11 based on Büren micro-rotor movement with a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module.

That’s bullshit. Actually it was a Heuer Monaco 1133 B with improved Cal. 12.


HA! God, I thought they were loafers! Took a closer look at Grandpa.

He was quite rich by this time, buying custom colored Ferraris, etc. Maybe this was the bleeding edge back then.

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If only the people running Formula 1 would listen to this sound. They might remember what they are supposed to be about.

Heuer, not Tag Heuer

I love “Le Mans”. It’s one of my favorites (which, after viewing, never fails to motivate me to take racing lines and drive faster than I normally do). McQueen was one of just a handful of actors who could get behind the wheel of a 917 and not total it. That iconic picture of McQueen, though, says as much of his extreme behavior (fans might call it ‘shenanigans’) during the making of the film as it does of the film itself. **Even just setting aside his cocaine use during the filming, driving his rental car into a tree that rendered his female occupant unconscious… and falsely (and unapologetically) pinning the blame on his assistant (his friend, who sustained a broken arm in the accident), McQueen created enough on and off set material to fuel two or three other films. Just as an example, McQueen despised the leading lady (actress Elga Andersen) from the very start, insulting her without provocation [perhaps because of her height?] This, the first time director Katzin put McQueen and Andersen together on set, and explaining the setup: “Mr. McQueen, we’re going to do this setup and if you’ll notice, I’ve had a hole dug for Elga to stand in so that she’ll be shorter than you.” McQueen stormed off and the scene was never shot.

** source: ‘Blue & Orange’ The History of Gulf in Motorsport, by Michael Cotton): *

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there was something in a trace of a browse
around some weeks ago that that sound was
played I thought this sound was good …but
you know that porsche…:slight_smile:

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Never meet your heroes.

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How true.

FD: He’s never been my hero; I just love the roles in the films he’s been in and the films themselves. My hero is my mom.

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