Refinishing my waxed-cotton raincoats

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I have a cotton fabric jacket I may want to do this with. It used to be sort of water proof when I bought it, the kind of gimmicky waterproof that lasts about two or three rain showers. Anybody have any idea of whether this is a good idea? Or should you only do this with jackets that were made to be wax treated?

FWIW it is this Levis Commuter jacket:

(hard to find more info on it since it’s no longer in their collection)

These types are quite good too, the reservoir comes in hand but is prone to topple, you can get versions where the brush screws in too.

I gave up on oil and stick with Goretex, might be expensive but lasts well.

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try a small section? I have bought heavy canvas clothing and applied wax. If it is a cotton outershell and the waterproofing that was on it has worn/washed off, go for it.

Nikwax makes a laundry machine detergent for cleaning waxed garments and then re-waxing. That might be an idea.

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Refinishing my waxed-cotton raincoats

Is that what kids call it nowadays?
[nudge, nudge]

As you described this no-longer-waterproof cotton jacket, I envisioned this cotton jacket of mine with the same no-longer-waterproof cotton.

…and it’s the same Levi’s Commuter Jacket, but in olive green! Love that jacket so much. Holler at me if the wax works @kingannoy :laughing:

I should probably redo my drover coat. It’s perfect for standing in the wind and rain, waiting for a bus connection. (It’s not Vantablack, but it’s really black, so it’s difficult to photograph.)

Haha, that is a nice coincidence!

It may be a while until I stumble upon some wax and I give it a go, so don’t hold your breath, but I will holla if I have results :slight_smile:

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