Quickly touch up waxed cotton waterproofing


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I’ll try it on my mustache.


Probably will work. Its pretty sticky, mouldable and reminds me a lot of a very soft surf wax.


Could be defined as a life time supply as well.


What if I want to try to waterproof a plain canvas bag (not starting from a waxed canvas base)? Would I use this or one of the other products (I saw the Otter Wax spray and Nikwax listed)?


You can wax it, yes you can!

Any of the products will work. That said I’d suggest the can of wax to start something completely unwaxed. There are many youtube videos that’ll show you exactly what to do.


For all your otter-waxing needs. Just the thing after I’ve been showering with my goat.


“Waxing my otter” has now entered the lexicon as a new euphemism for, well, something, I’m sure.


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