The much easier way to re-proof waxed cotton


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Thanks. I have wondered what I would need for my duster when it comes to that.


Save around 2.5 hrs or more. A duster is a bit longer and has more fabric than a Trialmaster.

This is SO MUCH easier for corners and flap pockets etc.


Which my duster has aplenty. It sat in the closet for a long time thanks Littleton Colorado but I have been using it in the PNW wet for a few years now and it still sheds water just fine so it has been a pretty much a figure it out when I need to thing.


This stuff is really thin and a light spray every 3-4 rainy seasons would more than do it in Northern California. In SoCal I could likely just wave the bottle near it, like vermouth and a martini.

I apply a bit more frequently as mine is a motorcycle jacket that does see active duty (tho I avoid rain.)


I used this waterproofer on the pop-up tent of a VW California. The fabric was worn and taking water in rain. It worked great, even though it was clearly visible (maybe I was heavy handed).

  1. Yes, this would totally work on the OG canvas top for a Westy. I highly recommend replacing with a Sunbrella material. It blocks rain and wind a lot better than the canvas and may last forever.

  2. You should see residue. Its wax. Means it is there.


This companies other products are great too, especially MiraZyme, an enzyme based deodorizer.


I notice that the picture on the bottle shows a zipper, and I’m remembering that when I used to work at a drycleaner’s we applied a wax product to zippers that were hard to open/close.

So I’m guessing the Nikwax could also help the zippers on your coat slide more easily, if some was put on the zippers too.


I’d use zipper wax. AquaSeal makes one that I buy for my drysuits.


Nice. I have a Barbour jacket that’s over 25 years old. Using the Barbour wax out of the can is a total pain.

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