Otter Wax, for reproofing your waxed cotton


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Is it made from real otters?


This stuff is good for getting the vaunted “coated” look on denim, too. It’s not as effective as glossgel, but it’s far less conspicuously damaging to the material.


Does this sound like otter to you? “100% Natural Ingredients: Non-Toxic, No Silicone, No Petroleum” – could be an otter that isn’t from the California coast!


I thought it was for waxing your otter.


What an otterly silly idea.


But on the otter hand, maybe you’re right.


Nope, for otters you use Cotton Wax. Confusing, I know.


Is that what the kids are calling it these days?


You should see them run the little guys through the Otter Press.


nice marmot wax


You think them otters squeal??? I’ve watched this stuff being made:


Cool, I haven’t needed to wax my duster yet but now I know what to get. Thanks.


Also very good on neckbeards. (ahem)


to beat a joke to death (and I believe this is the obvious next step):


Well, it otter be.

Resisted making this comment for a couple of days. Couldn’t hold back any longer.


I prefer infusing my fabrics with otter wax by using natural methods – the wax obtained by running otters through a press is quite substandard…


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