Star Trek uniform hoodies




Wait…the woman pictured is wearing pants. Shouldn’t she be wearing barely concealed matching briefs?


(read in Zapp Brannigan’s voice)
Women will be so liberated in the 2200s that they wont need trousers to cover their sexy-sexy leeegs.
I just noticed that Zap actually wears the Star Trek UFP woman’s uniform; sexy man legs, go-go boots, and all!


I wonder why they’re not shown in red?


So many times I watched that show, and now I know I never really saw it.

And with Kif along, we have a good nucleus for a whole genderbending crew.


“I joined the Star Fleet and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”?

Edit: Also…


Leela literally wore the pants in that relationship.
“Wore the pants”, what a dated expression.


You’re safe if you’re a woman: while redshirts died every day, redskirts always survive!


Probably lying at their feet - killed by a freak electrical shock when flash went off.


Do they have tribble ear muffs for when you don’t want to use the hood?


Thought: heap-of-tribbles sleeping bag.


I have a friend who cosplayed Zap as part of a group Futurama effort. His extremely accurate costume and shaved legs were…disturbing. Just like Zap’s!


For some reason you remind me of this episode:

Yea, I’m disturbing.



It’s real velour!


Not always, one Redskirt got turned into a dehydrated dodecahedral solid and crushed, but she was the only female redshirt death.


When “Star Trek: The Next Generation” first aired there were one or two beskirted male extras walking around in the background of some scenes, but I think the producers only did that so they could have a plausible non-sexist reason for letting Troi wear a miniskirt.


nice try!


I think even they realized nobody was buying it after a few episodes. By the end of the first season pretty much everybody was wearing pants and Troi just stopped wearing uniforms altogether until season 6.


Thought: tribbles would end world hunger! mmmm…tribble mc nuggets!