Star Trek: TOS panties




Surely the doomed underwear should be brown.


No THONG panties? Boldy go where these ones do not.


Ladies, if your boyfriend gives you the red ones run, he is going to kill you!


“Dammit – Slave Leia was last night; tonight you’re Yeoman Rand!”


“she’s takin’ quite the pounding…at this rate she can’t take much more of this captin’”

and then there is the worst lines to say:



The red one is the one who gets gonorrhoea!


She’s wearing the gold “command” panties, I HAVE to obey her orders.–Sounds like a quote from Big Bang Theory.


Ooh, er, Nurse Chapel - would you like to see the Captain’s Log?


I dunno.

I always kinda pictured Spock as a thong guy.


Raised eyebrow…


go put on a red pair of panties.

Aye, Cap—Mistress.


So why did you think it raised?


If I knew any woman who would appreciate these, she’d be my soulmate.


If I knew any woman who would appreciate/wear these, I hope it would be her evil counterpart from the mirror universe.



You’re not worried about the beard?


I’ve come to understand that someone, somewhere will have that fetish. Maybe you found that someone…


Perfect gift for someone who wants to let the world know it’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Hmmm…I don’t remember Uhura or Marlena wearing beards. Then again, my former teenage mind doesn’t remember much more past those bare stomachs.