2001: A Space Odyssey spacesuit hit the auction block

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ALWAYS make sure the helmet and gloves are included with purchase.


exhibits age, paint cracking to the entirety of the coveralls and gloves, crazing to the left side of the helmet visor, paint chipping to the backpack

If it were me, I’d also be conducting a pressure test before committing.


It was full of star!


The blue suite that hung on the wall in both 2001 and 2010 was not worn until 2254 … in the Babylon 5 episodes “Babylon Squared” & “War Without End: Part 2” (well, 2254 & 2258 - time travel and all).

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Have spacesuit, will travel.


Quickly logs in to see how much is in 401K

Mentally calculates how much I can “lose to a market downturn” before the wife would get suspicious

Rapidly trying to figure out where I could store and admire my precious all day without said wife asking pesky questions


“It belongs in a museum!”


I wonder how exactly this costume made it out of Kubrick’s post-film destructo-fest. Supposedly, he had everything that could be re-used in others’ films destroyed… but a few things did find their way out.


Well, it was a big production with a lot of props.

And I can only speak for myself, but if I had worked on a project like this, in whatever capacity, the odd bit and/or bob would have found its way into my personal archive.

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I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t afford that, Dave.


Sure there’s a 2001 spacesuit, and a metric shitton of TOS props and costumes, but nobody’s mentioned the LECTROID THERMOPOD SPACECRAFT MINIATURE! AHHHH!



A more recent example of that: There is no way that anyone living in SoCal could not run into all things “Hollywood”, such as past/present industry employees and those that work and have worked in “specialty houses”. My school friend/work colleague was given one of the “worm ring segment spreader tool” props used on Lynch’s Dune set. Whether it was a spare or the one used by Kyle MacLachlan… we have no idea. When he was single, my friend had it mounted above his living room sofa. Having it there reinforced the ofttimes tasteless bachelor pad vibe. After marriage, down it came: On film the tool looked “cool”, but in your hands and up close, it’s an ugly thing made just well enough to look the part for the film and for the seconds of film time it needed. He doesn’t show it anymore… and – considering how he came into possession of it – obviously for more than just one reason.

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The model space station ended up in glamorous Stevenage:

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In the future, missing film “props” will turn up as NFTs of the original (as used in the final films) CGI renderings.

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