Museum-grade replica Apollo-era NASA flight jacket


No website? It’s right here.

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damn my misplaced consumerist/hunter gatherer tendencies!

I have one of these, Not MUSEUM-GRADE of course because that would be cra cra, I got mine at Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama. Which I attended as an adult. It is great. I also got a Space Shuttle jump suit and a bunch of patches. We had teams at the camp and our team lost the contest on who could pull off the best launch. But we won when it came to “Who can spend the most money in the gift shop.”

Favorite Memories?

  1. Alan Bean talking to us.
  2. Running down a hallway that looked like a space station wearing my jumpsuit. No visual clues to tell me that I wasn’t in a space station (except real, not artificial gravity).
  3. Sitting in the actual Apollo command module used by the actual Apollo team
  4. Using the simulator that mimicked walking on the moon.

I wear the jumpsuit every Halloween. and the jacket sometimes in the spring. Powder Blue isn’t really my color.


I suspect that the Space Camp version is a heck of a lot more affordable.

For a split second I read “NSA Flight Jacket”.

The Alexander Leathers page was added after our article first ran.

(The website for Still The Right Stuff, the company behind the jacket’s creation, will soon be online.)

Awesome. I envy you the orange shuttle jump suit, I got my 6 y.o. a cheap one of them, and every adult man who saw him in it was deeply covetous.

I used to work for a big US software company, and if we did good every year they’d fly us to the US for a junket. There was always a guest speaker, and they were always pretty good, but one year it was Jim Lovell.

The Apollo 13 story sounds a lot different when its a guy in the same room recounting it in the first person.

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I assembled my own orange jumpsuit- they are plentiful on the web for under $40 (found mine at the local army surplus). Add some patches and bam! You can even find the custom velcro name patches for cheap.

“Museum Grade” is complete nonsense. An original item, garment, etc. from a historical event or person = museum artifact.

Brand new item made with good attention to detail with regards to the cut, finishes, materials used = replica.

Brand new 450.00 Pound jacket: consumer product, for a certain species of elitist and/or re-enactor enthusiast.


Good point. “Museum grade replica” may make sense when you’re talking about things like dinosaur bones (where a skeleton sometimes does have missing pieces that have to be filled in with replicas from elsewhere)… and I believe the term’s fairly well established for certain other items – but unless you have a clear definition of exactly what makes this one museum grade and others not, it’s marketer-speak.

(Pardon me. The museum-grade marmalade tabby wants attention.)

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I was wondering what they meant by museum grade. Does this jacket also come in a pharmaceutical grade?

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But replicating vinage fabric can be hard, have a look at what Tom Bihn went through for some nylon

They make great stuff, all of it with that level of attention to detail, and exceptional utility and durability.

Granted. I’m presuming it’s a great job, and may even attempt to replicate the wear on the particular jacket it was patterned upon…

I dunno. If they sell any, then by definition it was worth that price to those buyers… unless they were buying because they thought someone else was going to pay still more, in which case only time will tell but I know which way I’d bet.

I’d prefer a Buzz Rickson.

Ohmigod ! They found some deadstock fabric in a warehouse and had it dyed ! Then they found a mill to replicate it ! They had fabric with all the necessary information(weave, denier, yarn wrap, etc.), and it wasn’t an archaic fibre blend/weave that isn’t in production anymore (ie lastex) !

This is normal garment/accessories industry practice. Also: see China and now India/Pakistan for replicating and reverse engineering.

Sorry, no gold star for them, from me. They had the resources to make this replication possible.

It does, and I’m wearing one right BATS


They come with a heavy black hood…

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Holy crap those jackets look fantastic. I’m seriously considering buying one but I probably look shitty in it or like an overdressed clown when using the metro instead of some fancy sportscar or motorcycle.

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Anyone caught wearing one of these jackets who is not an actual astronaut or NASA employee will be accused of impersonating a government official.

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