Why did we even have a Harry and the Hendersons sitcom?

Without a Harry and the Hendersons sitcom, there would be no Rule 34 “Horny and the Hendersons.” Is that a world you want to live in?


Would you feel bad if I said, “maybe”?


Next you’ll be telling me that you’re not so sure the world needs Rule 34 Alf…

(Short for Alien I’d Like to…)


I just scrolled by and for some reason the screenshot made me think this was an Orang-Utan. My mind went on a quick stroll, and I remembered that there was a TV series with a chimpanzee on German television which should go with the similar headline, “Why did we even have a “Unser Charlie” TV show?”.


“I got a pitch for a new cable channel, OK, hear me out, it’s just like TVLand except instead of classic favorites it’s nothing but failed pilots and forgotten spinoffs. There’s also no schedule so you never know what you’ll get. We can call it DejaVoodoo or Nightmare Nostalgia.”

“Get out of my office. How did you get in here anyway? SECURITY!!”


Dirty Harry and the Hendersons?


Didn’t the show have to stop because the guy that played Harry suddenly died from AIDS-related pneumonia?

I was on the set the day before he passed—he seemed okay then. What a tall guy, over 7 feet.

They were shooting a promo for the show, and Tony “Wally” Dow was directing.


The actor did died of AIDS complications, but the show carried on for a couple of more years after to 1993 with a different actor…


It was on BBC 2 in the early 90s, it was mildly popular int he UK. That’s despite every episode having the exact same plot, namely family needs to do something that involves interacting with other people and they need to keep Harry hidden.

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