Harry Anderson, TV's 'Night Court' star, has died at 65 in Asheville, N.C


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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Harry!


‘Judge Harry T Stone’ died?

Aw, dammit.



I saw this one. I’m pretty sure he just faked his death as part of an elaborate ruse to teach Dan a lesson about decency.



Also I did not click on those videos but the theme song is firmly stuck in my head.


One of the best, and creepiest, pieces of magic I have ever seen was Anderson’s trick of putting a needle through his arm. If my memory is correct, there was even a drop of blood that slid down the needle. I was a kid when I first saw this, and it freaked me out. Like a good magic trick should do.


Interesting; that usually only happens to me when the shows I’ve seen a million times have theme songs with lyrics.

But now that you mentioned it, I totally hear that 80’s sax riff in my head…


WSPA is out of Greenville SC not NC. It covers the Asheville NC media market.


I’m glad to see this mention he was also a great magician.


A favorite actor and magician. Sorry to see him go.


Dang. RIP Harry the Hat.



Anderson was also in a not-bad family sitcom, “Dave’s World.” Supposedly based on Dave Barry’s life. Kind of shocked it ended its run 21 years ago.

His last credit, according to IMDB, was in a Christian film, playing a college professor.

I was wondering what Anderson was up to a month or so ago; the last time I’d heard anything about his was an interview, post-Katrine, in which him glumly talked about the aftermath of the great storm and floods.


Serious bummer.

BTW, there’s a big difference between Asheville and Greenville.


I watched every season of Night Court late last year after not having seen it since I was a kid. I really hated when it was over. That show is underrated for the writing of clever comedy and character development.

I remember reading that Harry Anderson eulogized Mel Torme when he died (of whom he was also an actual fan coincidentally before getting the Harry Stone part).


Not sure if this led to its cancellation, but it was based on Dave Barry’s first family. Around that time Dave divorced and married again, which would have been rather daring to include in a sitcom.


He was a decent magician from what I understand.


I’m showing my age, but it was always a treat when he showed up on Cheers, too.


So… Is Donald Trump Dan in this scenario?


Harry Stone was one of those characters who projected genuine decency again and again and again, in an era where it was not yet totally “un-hip” to be something other than cynical. We need more of this, especially now.