A con man reinvents himself as a reality TV magician

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Aren’t magicians technically “con men” anyway? It’s not like my uncle actually pulled that quarter out of my ear.


At first I thought this would be about Harry Anderson. Guess I elided the word ‘reality’.

He doesn’t know Howards mother, and it wasn’t his mother on the phone. T.V. magic isn’t real magic.

I knew this guy from when he was in Washington, DC. He was a slimy con man and criminal then, bilking people out of money, leaves lives in tatters, and then vanishes. He belongs in the pokey, not on TV.

Depends. Were you the kind of kid who shoved toys in orifices, just to see if you could?

Could be worse. He could have made a new career out of contacting the dead relatives of audience members.

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