Why do Pokemon avoid black neighborhoods?

Isn’t that standard operating procedure in America now, find a problem and complain about it as loudly as you can, and for bonus points make sure you include “racism” and/or “sexism” (but only the RIGHT KINDS of racism and/or sexism).

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It’s not just that the badges are shiny, but at higher levels you are required to have to have a certain number of specific types of badge in order to progress to the next level.

The thing about joke portal submissions is amusing. Here in Indianapolis, there are, or at least were, a few portals named after a local player. (Though the one I’ve personally visited seems to be missing now.)

Also: there’s a submission tracker?

And they closed out Seer? I must have missed that. Darn. So much for hoping they’d re-open portal submissions…

IPST app - parses all your submission medals.

On badge requirements for higher levels, if someone was looking at Seer as a good one to chase, they’re crazy.

So…like real life?

Ironically, I play in a “black” neighborhood as I live in north Oakland. Half my neighbors are black. That said, almost all of the Ingress players I’ve seen are either white or Chinese American (which is like 20% of the Bay Area) for the last few years. Almost no black players, which is probably part of the metadata sourcing issues.


Seeing that we got another police massacre at the hand of a “slave descendant”, us African Americans are discourage from even going outside due to the escalating tension between the police and the “minorities”. Nothing can stop a paranoid rightwing follower to outright call the cops on us out of fear that we’ll kill them for their skin color; which also stems from the aristocrat’s fear of the poor mugging them because of what they got.

It’s also obvious that locations dominated by “minorities” will be skipped over due to the poor conditions of the surrounding environment; which is based off of the assumption that it was filled to the brim with “thugs and rapists”. So it make sense that Niantic refused to list those locations since those were literally dumping grounds for the poor; especially when the aristocrats shifted the blame on races and religion.

So basically, all of the proposed solutions are moot until racism and classism are completely eliminated at best (or at the very least, Segregation by any means been eliminated by federal court with all of the loopholes closed; especially the one in the 13th amendment where it didn’t list slavery as “cruel and unusual punishment”) ; till then, we’ll be continued to be viewed as poor, ignorant, vicious little monkeys by the majority (especially those who don’t know any better than they should).



Desperate attempts by the privileged to pretend that racism and misogyny don’t exist, however…that’s standard operating procedure.


Niantic didn’t refuse to do anything. The locations were submitted by the players of a previous game, and those players were predominantly white. The employees making the accept/decline decision for each location probably didn’t have a clue what kind of neighborhood it was in.

The lack of locations in black neighborhoods is still fallout from systemic racism, and Niantic still needs to take responsibility for fixing it, but there was never a deliberate policy here.


It sounds like the actual problem is that Niantic didn’t/couldn’t hire (and properly train) enough people to handle the workload.

Perhaps with Google/Nintendo money, and some tweaks to the system, that will be corrected.

The content was 90% user submitted (and most of the rest was specific contracted businesses like Zip Car and Subway) so Niantic didn’t refuse to do anything unless you have some evidence that we don’t know about that you can cite.

Niantic was a Google company during most of Ingress’ existence. It was a wholly owned group inside Google. They had as much money as Google wanted to give. I do expect they’ll be working fast to improve their current money maker though.


User summited or not, my point still stands: places of neglect won’t be notice by the mainstream.

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I’m not sure what you’re saying. Could you be clearer?

I live in a black neighborhood. The only thing stopping my neighbors who are black from playing is (a) access to smartphones and (2) possibly the desire to play. That’s a result of class and race issues but not ones that lay at the feet of these games, Niantic, Google, or Nintendo.

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That’s the point though: Places of neglect.

Neglect by folks not bothering to play the game? Ok.

The content comes from the users. If they don’t play, they get no content.

So, other than complaining, what is your solution to this trouble?

I already listed the solution; they either do a complete overhaul of the social system to minimize the effect of Elitism and racism, or to pass new laws to further eliminate the ability to crowd minorities in slums to perpetrate the myth that anyone whose not white (and asian) are savages.


So, no realistic solutions that anyone will actually do then? Ok.

Didn’t you hear? The slums are all being gentrified now and the poor are being pushed out. They don’t get crowded into slums anymore.

You realize that there are laws about the cops killing people? Strangely, passing laws doesn’t seem to stop it so I don’t think passing laws outlawing slums would do much, would they?

When did Gentrification solve anything? In fact, were do you expect the poor to go to anyways?


Well, it certainly has given my neighborhood a grocery store, a fine selection of cafes, people actually walking around after dark, folks walking their dogs, and a bunch of new streetlights. None of these were true ten years ago. My wife and I were the only folks you saw, on a regular basis, taking an evening walk around. Enough that my neighbors commented on it (and appreciated that we were out and about).

It got rid of most of the corner meth dealers too.

Wherever they can afford. Currently, I hear that’s Stockton or further out.

I own my house. It isn’t me driving them out. It is those evil landlords.

I’d be happy to see either of those things happen, but I think they’re a bit beyond Niantic’s reach to implement.