Why do smart people live longer?


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If any study cries out for replication before the Libertarians and Republicans start spouting it as gospel, it’s this one.

It’s interesting that the study goes for the genetic link instead of a simpler conclusion that a healthier lifestyle may enhance cognitive testing.


Well, I thought the received wisdom among intelligent people (measured by IQ tests) was that IQ studies do not in fact measure intelligence, therefore uhm, anyway:

one possible reason would that the whatever is measured by IQ correlates highly to traits found in the dominant groups in society and then the conclusion would be that dominant groups live longer.

another possible reason would be that almost every vampire I’ve ever seen in the movies is highly intelligent, and they are skewing the results. Did this study check against the mean or the median?


Duh, like they are smart and shit like that.


No, duh, they are shit and smart likes that.


Good point.


Smart people know they can’t jump that.


Perhaps its worth contrasting the “IQ is an index of bodily integrity” theory with the stereotype of the nerd that is physically feeble and awkward.


That’s just what I was going to say when I read the headline. Smart people are a lot less likely to say: “Here, hold my beer…”


I wonder if there would be a stronger correlation between neophobes and neophytes? I would think that, on average, smart/dumb dullards who never try anything new might live longer than inquisitive smart/dumb folks who don’t balk at trying bugs, raw fish, sky diving, etc…


maybe stupid people tend to get them selves killed younger and skew the numbers?


Yeah, wasn’t there that study that said smart people were more likely to try recreational drugs? That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it.


Isn’t IQ primarily a test for social class? Obviously people with greater access to resource would live longer. They get all the good food in their youth and all the healthcare.

During WWI, British officers were, on average, inches taller than enlisted men. Some posh folks took this to mean the upper classes were genetically superior, but fortunately, other people quickly realised malnutrition was endemic in working class areas and took some action to correct this. (For the sake of military readiness, which no longer matters in the same way, so now it’s fine to let ‘excess’ people starve again. hooray. those who live longer deserve it more anyway, right?)


I’ve long thought it had something to do with not going in the cave where the bear lives.


It’s controlled for.


Uhh, probably it has something to do with the fact that the same factors that correlate with higher IQ test scores (income, wealth, race, access to services) also correlate with better managed health and health coverage.

We already know IQ scores are heavily weighted by cultural and racial biases, but if you’re distracted by a chronic disease or untreated disease, you’re probably going to not score super well AND not have access to life-saving and necessary treatments.


I think I might have hallucinated reading that study once.


Luck, man.


Recreational drugs are important. Similar to herds and slow animals, your brain is only as fast as your slowest brain cell. So it is important to periodically cull the weakest ones.