Why do you sabotage yourself when trying to break bad habits?




What is the woman supposed to be eating in that picture? Some kind of mollusk?

That seems to be a poor habit to try and break. Mollusks are great.


I thought it was because I suck and I’m not worthy of a better life.


That certainly is a mysterious object, isn’t it? I give up trying to figure it out - it’s a triffid.


I’m seeing some sort of unhappy alien…

I assume that he is unhappy because the top of his head has been removed to allow access to his brains (which I have heard are quite similar to Turkish Delight).


The link to Corie Howell’s photo is broken…
[365] 096 | Corie Howell


How is it an extinction burst if it pops up months or years after being habit-free?


Maybe some random thing (a smell, perhaps) makes the old habit seem present again? I think the idea is that really ingrained habits have extinction bursts of decreasing frequency, but when the reward cycle in question was so strong to begin with, the probability of a future extinction burst (and relapse) remains non-zero indefinitely. Strong rewards being things like smoking, drinking, bulimic binges, etc.


I actually missed your comment and found the image all over again via html inspect > reverse image search > proper credit on one of the billion articles on “binge eating disorder” that uses this image > flickr.

Interestingly, nothing in the description or the comments sheds light on the ‘what the hell is that’ matter. Everyone just asks about the weird plasticy high-dynamic-range-but-not-really image treatment.

Ok, CSI:BB troopers. We’ve come this far. You ask her.

ps. There’s also a cat or similar in the uncropped image. The plot thickens.


Muffins, I think. Possibly cupcakes. I’m kind of surprised the model isn’t juggling a cigarette in that hand as well.


Seems to be of a ghostly nature…

I think that she is just eating a cupcake that has been torn in two and partially nommed upon. One can even see what appears to be the ribs of the cupcake cup.



“Pour me a flagon of the blood of myne enemy, the Filled Dough Nut.”


Perhaps something like a cannoli?

Now I want a cannoli…


Her bad habit is to break into strangers’ homes to eat Rocky Mountain oysters and chug all their Worcestershire sauce.


I would have been damning you if I saw this earlier, but I will be walking into a Cuban bakery in 30 seconds, so…


Two giant walnuts and a bottle of salad dressing. Breakfast of champions!


Bad habits are compulsions which prevent us from achieving our full potential, which is what makes them “bad.” These can be social problems, unhealthy habits, or simple time wasters. They save us from the stress and risk that would come with accomplishment.


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