Why does Japan get a robotic dinosaur that bites your head, but the U.S. doesn't?


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Dunno… we have more lawyers…?


Because kids aren’t even allowed to play tag in the U.S.


But more lawyers are a good reason to deploy head-biting robotic dinosaurs.


Something like this?


Which do you want to see?

Do I get to choose whose head gets bitten?


I’ve always wanted political debates to incorporate dunk tanks - ie. the loser/lier gets dunked - but I would happily settle for giant robot dinosaur decapitation.


I think it’s because of Hiroshima.


Maybe if the dinosaur came with a




Liability from hurt feeling, dredging up feelings of guilt that our ancestors prospered from the eradication of Dinosaurs, missing fingers from kids not holding their hands perfectly flat during feedings, cleaning bills from pooped pants, hearing loss from loud roars, PTSD induced night terrors following the performance are all legitimate reason to keep such creatures - whose only purpose was to feed on flesh, poop, and procreate - in Japan where they belong with the other monsters.


I like my head where it is, thanks. Also, Jurassic Park the movie AND the book gave me recurring nightmares about dinosaurs attacking my hometown. I feel that this would be a step in the wrong direction…


Heck even them there A-rabs got one of those head bitey things.
ever wonder what a camel's throat smells like?
I never get tired of this one


Dinosaurs hell, they even get tentacle monsters!


How awesome is that!


“The movie doesn’t start until the lawyer gets eaten on the toilet.”



Some Asian cultures have been practicing for this moment for years:


If Americans want to sue everyone for everything then this is the price they pay. Also the dino’s tooth might snag on someones trigger and accidentally shoot someone.

But, seriously how awesome is that dino? Incredible!


You’re in the wrong thread.


Ah, the never ending joy of headlines celebrating the American sense of entitlement!